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EduPrimer™ Alu DNA Profiling Kit

Catalog #3000 - 3010

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The EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit is specifically designed to introduce students to the principles and applications of PCR, focusing on its real-life use of DNA profiling in forensics and disease research. The core kit is designed with 30 reactions total, meant for 24 student reactions and 6 control reactions.

  • Option between two dimorphic genes in the Alu family (TPA-25 and PV92) for a maximum of four shifted DNA bands per student, demonstrating the power of PCR, and teaching the techniques to utilize it.

  • Extremely simple and fast protocol for easy integration into classrooms such as Introductory or General Biology. Anyone can do it.

  • Quick protocol involving isolation of students' DNA, PCR and electrophoresis, all completed within a 2.5 - 3 hour time frame.
Kit Components Included: Qty
DNA Isolation Components
--Solution A (Lysis buffer) 6 mL included
--Solution B (Neutralizer) 0.6 mL included
--Cotton Swabs 28 swabs included
PCR Reaction Components
--2X PCR Master Mix (includes TPA25 or PV92 primers) 300 µL included
--Positive Control DNA(Heterozygous) 30 µL included
--Negative Control 30 µL included
Gel Electrophoresis Components
--DNA Ladder 30 µL included
Additional Lab Materials Needed:
--Microcentrifuge -
--PCR Thermal Cycler -
--Micropipettes & Tips -
--PCR Tubes 1/sample -
--Microcentrifuge Tubes 1/sample -
--Vortex -
--Heat Block or Water Bath -
--Agarose for ~0.8% - 1% gel -
--TAE Buffer -
--DNA Dye (recommended in gel, UV visualized dye) -
--Electrophoresis Aparatus -
--UV Lamp / UV Light Box -
--Scissors and Tweezers -
Cat # Product Name Description Size List Price
EduPrimer™ DNA Isolation Kit

DNA Isolation components only (Solution A, B and Swabs)

30 rxns
EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit - TPA-25

Full kit, as detailed in kit components, using TPA-25 primers

30 rxns
EduPrimer™ PCR Reaction Kit - TPA-25

PCR reaction components only using TPA-25 primers.

30 rxns


Positive Control for EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit - TPA-25

Extra positive control DNA for TPA-25

10 rxns
EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit - PV92

Full kit, as detailed in kit components, using PV92 primers

30 rxns
EduPrimer™ PCR Reaction Kit - PV92

PCR reaction components only using PV92 primers.

30 rxns


Positive Control for EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit - PV92 Positive control DNA for PV92
10 rxns



DNA ladder Extra DNA ladder 100 µL


User Manual click to download Download
Single Page Protocol click to download Download

We've put together short, 4 1/2 minute video showing kit components and the protocol:

Arizona State University also made a video describing their experience with the kit:


Detection of Alu by PCR: A Human DNA Fingerprinting Lab Protocol. DNA Learning Center. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 1994.

Pray, Leslie A. Functions and Utility of Alu Jumping Genes. Nature Education (2008)

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