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Human Genetics and Biomedical Sciences:

EduPrimer™ Alu DNA Profiling Kit (TPA-25, PV92)

EduPrimer™ VNTR DNA Profiling Kit

Genotype vs. Phenotype: Genetics of Taste Kit

Food Poisoning Kit I and II

DNA Isolation Kit

Isothermal Amplification Kit (Viral Infection iso-B Home Kit, iso-B Kit, iso-S Kit)

Forensic Science and Public Safety:

DNA Fingerprinting Kit I and II

Sibling Match Kit I and II

EduPrimer™ VNTR DNA Profiling Kit

Bacterial Genetics and Environmental Science:

Water Analysis Kit

Marine Biology:

Shark Week Kit I and II

Agriculture, Plant and Animal Biotechnology:

GMO Identification Kit

Water Analysis Kit

Animal Identification: Catch a Predator Kit I and II

Plant Identification: Crop Diversity Kit I and II

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