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microRNA Expression Profiling

microRNAs (miRNAs), ~21 nt non-coding small RNAs, are involved in post-transcriptional regulations and they are expressed in variety of cells and organisms. GenoExplorer™ - microRNA biochips and assays provide for research of microRNA expression and their profiling. microRNA arrays including human, mouse, rat, Drosophila, C elegance, Arabidopsis thaliana, and other species are either available or upon requests. GenoExplorer™ microarrays receive a high-quality performance indicated by high reproducibility, signal to noise ratio, and sensitivity.

· GenoExplorer™ microRNA array full kit
· GenoExplorer™ microRNA array labeling kit
· GenoExplorer™ microRNA array chip
· GenoExplorer™ microRNA array probe set
· Other reagents related to miRNA expression analysis
· MiRNA analysis full service

MicroRNA qRT-PCR Analysis

GenoExplorer™ microRNA qRT-PCR kit provides a simple and highly sensitive tool to quantify specific miRNAs. The kit measuring either mature or precursor form, or both forms of miRNAs is available.

· GenoExplorer™ miRNA qRT-PCR kit
· GenoExplorer™ miRNA qPCR primer sets
· GenoExplorer™ miRNA qPCR reference primer sets
· GenoExplorer™ miRNA first-strand cDNA core kit

Gene Expression Profiling

GenoExplorer™ - Gene Expression Profiling biochips include custom microarrays on your selected genes and their alternative isoforms, whole libraries of human, mouse, rat, and other species, and subsets of genes for expression research. We design and manufacture microarrays, perform experiments, and send you the final reports.

Genome Alteration Analysis

GenoExplorer™ provides genome alteration analyses including polymorphism genotyping (such as SNPs and STRs), genome organization, gene amplifications and losses, genome rearrangements. We provide full services from custom designing and performing experiments to sending you the final reports.

Custom Microarrays

Custom microarrays provide a maximal flexibility for individuals to design their own arrays. You provide probe chemicals and we help to build arrays with the quality controls. Or you can simply provide sequences and we help to design and build the arrays.

Clinical Applications

We develop and market gene products specifically for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Target Preparation

We perform target preparations, such as isolation and purification of genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, and RNA from tissues, cultures, and microbes.

Target Gene Amplification, Quantitation, and Labeling

We provide services for gene amplification, product quantitation, and target labeling.


Gene sequencing is performed using ABI sequencing systems.

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