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SharkWeek Kit I & II

Catalog #7003, 7004

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Students are asked to identify the contents of an unknown shark species stomach to determine its main dietary source. The GenoSensor Marine Biology: Shark Week Kit is designed to be a tool for introducing students to restriction digests or PCR and genetic diversity while focusing on its real-life use of DNA technology in bioscience, animal science, and marine biology.

Each kit is good for 24 students with 6 reactions worth of material for each of the samples (The unknown and Sample A, B and C) and 24 reactions of a 2X Master Mix.

  • Scenario: Marine Biologist have identified a new species of shark that washed up on the beach. In an attempt to learn as much about the shark as they can, they have decided to analyze the sharks stomach contents to identify its main food source.
  • Multiple Plasmid DNA: Plasmid DNA is used to emulate the genetic diversity seen in biology. Four plasmid samples are included in the kit, one representing DNA from the main food source, and three for comparison against the unknown food DNA.
  • Ease of Use: The protocol is easy to understand and follow. Kit components are ready-made and easy to set up, reducing preparation time for instructors.
  • Learning Application: The kit teaches the fundamental concepts of genetic diversity and real world applications in marine biology identification, while introducing students to restriction digests or PCR and gel electrophoresis.
Kit Components Included: Qty
Shark Week Kit I (Cat# 7003)
--Sample A, B, C, and Unknown DNA 60 µL for each DNA included
--2X Res. Digest Master Mix (includes restriction enzymes and buffer) 240 µL included
--DNA Ladder 30 µL included
Shark Week Kit II (Cat# 7004)
--Sample A, B, C, and Unknown DNA 60 µL for each DNA included
--2X PCR Master Mix (includes primers and enzyme) 270 µL included
--ddH2O 30 µL included
--DNA Ladder 30 µL included
Additional Lab Materials and Equipment Needed:
--Heat Block or Water Bath -
--Microcentrifuge -
--Vortex -
--Electrophoresis & Reagents (agarose, -
----------running buffer and DNA dye) -
--Electrophoresis Aparatus -
--UV Lamp / UV Light Box -
Cat # Product Name Description Size List Price
Shark Week Kit - I

Restriction digest full kit, shark week kit, level 1

24 rxns
Shark Week Kit - II

PCR full kit, shark week, level 2

27 rxns
User Manual I Cat# 7003 click to download Download
User Manual II Cat# 7004 click to download Download


YouTube video shows Shark Week Kit process

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