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Genotype vs. Phenotype: Genetics of Taste

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Engage students with a genetics and PCR kit that has a direct link to a testable phenotype. Students are tested for their ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide (PTC), a substance that either tastes very bitter or relatively tasteless depending on the genetics of the taster. Students taste a sample of PTC and extract their own DNA and through PCR compare their phenotypic result to their genotypic result.

  • Direct relation between phenotype and genotype - excellent for teaching the impact of genetic makeup.

  • Simple and fast - As with all GenoSensor educational products, we've worked hard to keep things easy to set up and fast to use, all while providing reliable results.

  • It's fun! Students will love being able to test their own DNA and have a tangible link to the test.
Kit Components Included: Qty
DNA Isolation Components
--Solution A (Lysis buffer) 6 mL included
--Solution B (Neutralizer) 0.6 mL included
--Cotton Swabs 28 swabs included
--Taste Test Strips 28 strips included
PCR Reaction Components
--2X PCR Master Mix (includes primers) 300 µL included
--Positive Control DNA(WT) 30 µL included
--Positive Control DNA(MT) 30 µL included
--Negative Control 30 µL included
Restriction Digest Components
--2X Restriction Digest Master Mix 300 µL included
Gel Electrophoresis Components
--DNA Ladder 30 µL included
Additional Lab Materials and Equipment Needed:
--Heat Block or Water Bath -
--Microcentrifuge -
--Vortex -
--Electrophoresis & Reagents (agarose, -
----------running buffer and DNA dye) -
--Electrophoresis Aparatus -
--UV Lamp / UV Light Box -
Cat # Product Name Description Size List Price
GenoSensor Human DNA Isolation Kit

DNA Isolation components only (Solution A, B and Swabs)

30 rxns
Genetics of Taste Kit

Full kit, as detailed in kit components

30 rxns
Genetics of Taste - PCR Reaction and Digestion Kit

PCR and Restriction Digest reaction components only.

30 rxns


Positive Control for Genetics of Taste Kit(WT)

Extra positive control DNA for use alongside the Genetics of Taste Kit

10 rxns
Positive Control for Genetics of Taste Kit(MT)

Extra positive control DNA for use alongside the Genetics of Taste Kit

10 rxns


DNA ladder Extra DNA ladder 100 µL


User Manual click to download Download
Single Page Protocol click to download Download (currently unavailable)


YouTube video shows Genetics of Taste kit process.

Woodling, Stephen. Phenylthiocarbamide: A 75-Year Adventure in Genetics and Natural Selection. Genetics (April 2006)

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