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Water Analysis - PCR Kit

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What's in my water? - The water we drink is put through large amounts of testing to make sure that it's safe for us to drink. What are those tests, though, and what do they look for? The Water Analysis kit gives students the opportunity to test water samples from their own environment, and through PCR detect the presence of bacterial contaminants.

  • Real world applications - The bacteria tested for in this kit are the same that are tested for in initial water contamination tests.

  • Fun for students - Any water sample can be used, anything from the puddle outside to the toilet.

  • Continued learning - Students don't just have to stop at the PCR test. Other tests can be performed, and students can develop their own ideas of how the water might be made cleaner.
Kit Components Included: Qty
PCR Reaction Components
--2X PCR Master Mix (includes primers) 300 µL included
--Positive Control water 30 µL included
--Negative Control water 30 µL included
Gel Electrophoresis Components
--DNA Ladder 30 µL included
Additional Lab Materials Needed:
--Microcentrifuge -
--PCR Thermal Cycler -
--Micropipettes & Tips -
--PCR Tubes 1/sample -
--Microcentrifuge Tubes 1/sample -
--Vortex -
--Heat Block or Water Bath -
--Agarose for ~0.8% - 1% gel -
--TAE Buffer -
--DNA Dye (recommended in gel, UV visualized dye) -
--Electrophoresis Aparatus -
--UV Lamp / UV Light Box -
--Scissors and Tweezers -
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Water Analysis - PCR Kit

Full kit, as detailed in kit components

30 rxns
User Manual click to download Download
Single Page Protocol click to download Download (currently unavailable)


YouTube video shows Water Analysis kit process.

Bej AK, McCarty SC, Atlas RM. Detection of coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli by multiplex polymerase chain reaction: comparison with defined substrate and plating methods for water quality monitoring. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1991;57(8):2429-2432.

Annie Rompre' et al. Detection and enumeration of coliforms in drinking water: current methods and emerging approaches. Journal of Microbiological Methods 49 (2002)

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