GenoExplorer™ Gene Expression Biochips

GenoExplorer™ Gene Expression Biochips

GenoExplorer™ gene expression microarray is a high quality, completely customizable microarray that provides a cost effective and timely solution for microarray users. Oligonucleotide probes can be defined and designed by the user and supported by our bioinformatics and technical groups.


GenoExplorer™ Human Genome Chips - Microarray contains 29K human microRNA sequences.

GenoExplorer™ Human Functional Genomics Chips - Microarrays include the subsets of functional genes and ESTs, such as signal transduction, liver enzymes, etc.

Custom Chips - We will help you design your custom chips for the genes that you are interested in.

Services and Flows

GenoSensor provides sample-in and data-out services on gene expression profiling. Customers provide the total RNA. The service and experimental flows include the database selection, probe design and synthesis, GenoExplorer™ microarray fabrications, target preparations and labeling, on-chip molecular bioassays, stains, post-reaction washes, chip scanning, chip gridding, data crunching, preliminary data analysis and data report.

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GenoExplorer™ Biochips

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